The shows kids watch on TV are highly influential to the development of their personal social outlook on the world. However, this is not necessarily bad. There has been a recent trend in children's animated television producing progressive content that challenges as well as entertains kids.


Below is information on the three shows examined during the 2017 summer season of The Second Classroom. In addition to being forward thinking all three of the shows are majorly popular with their child audience.      

The Weird World of Gravity Falls

Full of quick wit and secret codes, this two-time Emmy award winning show is severing up mysteries and progressive content that kids love. 

The Magic of Star vs The Forces of Evil

A Show That's Out Of This World: Steven Universe

They are the Crystal Gems and they'll always save the day. A young boy comes of age while learning to unlock his magic Gem powers. Steven Universe is full of diversity and positive humor. 

A magical princess from another dimension and an overly cautious karate obsessed boy team up to fight monsters. Star vs The Forces of Evil is dismantling gender roles one silly adventure at a time 

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