About The Project ​

The Second Classroom is the end result of summer research done by Nina Kay with funding provided by the Hope College Mellon Scholars program.


 The title "The Second Classroom" comes from Nina Kay's belief that children's media functions as a second classroom for kids, one in which they learn about the social workings of our world.


The Second Classroom is an ongoing project that explores children's media and its social contributions to children while using intersectional feminist lenses.    


The main body of work Nina Kay produced for the 2017 summer season of The Second Classroom focuses on how masculinity is portrayed in animated children's TV. Her findings are collimated in her essay "The Second Classroom of Children's Media: A New Lesson Plan on Masculinity & The Achievement of Manhood"  


Which can be found by clicking on "Featured Essay" on the top right half of the website. 


Acknowledgments for the 2017 summer season of The Second Classroom


Nina Kay would like to thank, 


Dr. Kendra Parker, for being the head academic advisor of this project and for the support she has given on Nina Kay's past academic endeavors. The Second Classroom would not exist if not for her guidance.


The Hope College Women & Gender Studies program, for their fostering of undergraduate feminist research and support of female students at Hope College.


The Hope College Mellon Scholar program for funding this research.   


And fellow Mellon Scholars Hannah Pikaart & Anika Gidly, along with Alissa Heynen, for their moral support during this project and friendship rooted in fighting the patriarchy.  







About Nina Kay

Nina Kay is a Junior at Hope College. She's majoring in Women & Gender Studies and double minoring in Art History and Creative Writing. 


Nina Kay is the founder and President of Hope College's Women's Empowerment Organization. She is also a proud member of the Kappa Beta Phi sorority. 


Her Freshmen year Nina Kay received the Stephenson First Year Writing Prize for her essay on the artist Janelle Monae & Black Feminism. Her Sophmore year Nina Kay received Hope's Arts & Humanities, Dean Award for her essay on Alice in Wonderland and Neuro Diversities.


After she graduates in 2019 Nina Kay plans on a career in producing representational children's media.     


She can be contacted at Nina.Kay@Hope.edu